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Treatment After Failed Back Surgery

Back surgery isn’t a magic bullet for relief.  Studies show that up to 40% of patients continue to suffer from back pain despite having had surgery. 

Many of these patients are told they need another surgery but the success rate for second surgeries is even lower.  That was the case for one construction worker in a recent case study who suffered from lumbar disc herniation after failed back surgery. 

As a manger of his family business, he couldn’t take time off work to recover from another surgery, so he opted for chiropractic. 

After twelve weeks of chiropractic care, the man’s pain scores went from a 10/10 to 3/10 and his disability scores dropped by 32%.  Nine visits later he continued to experience no flare ups in pain. 

This case study adds to earlier research showing that patients do not need to resort to revision surgery.  Chiropractic can get to the source of back pain to get you back to work sooner.  For lasting back pain relief, call our office today at 775-329-4402.