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The sciatic nerve is one of the major nerves that are inside the body.  It begins in the lower back and runs down our leg, controlling a large portion of this area of the body.  There are five different smaller nerves which feed their way into the sciatic nerve.  Whenever any of these are pinched or compressed in any way, we can suffer some pretty serious pain that is known as sciatica.  What most people don’t realize, however, is that sciatica is not actually the problem, it is merely the symptoms that we are experiencing.  The problem is that the sciatic nerve or one of the nerves that feed it are not able to work because of one problem or another.

One of the main reasons why chiropractic is able to help those who are suffering from sciatica is because they are able to treat the spine and hips in a number of different ways.  A chiropractor has experience in telling whenever there are any misalignment in any part of the body.  One of these misalignments may be at the root of your sciatica and in order to overcome the problem, you may have to have several different treatments to bring your body back into alignment.  That is basically how chiropractic care works, it helps to keep your body working as a unit.

Chiropractic does seem to be especially effective in helping individuals with sciatica.  One of the reasons why is because a misalignment in the spine may be putting pressure on the sciatic nerve or one of the nerves leading into it.  It would not take very much of this pressure in order for some pretty severe pain to occur.  With just an adjustment or two, things may be able to get back into alignment and the pressure may be relieved along with the pain.  It is a natural treatment that can help you whenever nothing else is able to take care of the problem.

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